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공개·회원 2명

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Soon after childhood sweethearts Joe Kelly (Colin Egglesfield) and Claire (Brooke Langton) get married, Joe, a former cropduster, becomes a Consolidated B-24 Liberator bomber pilot in United States Army Air Force. During a mission over Germany, he crashes his bomber and is captured. After suffering a head wound, he is given a fallen comrade's dog tags and assumes that identity. As a result, he is presumed dead.

Given 06 vostfr

Bogue catches Theo and Xao watching the Walküre TV channel. When he saw that (the traitor) Freyja was the host, Bogue lost his temper, evident by his rune flashing red. The brothers warn him that his rune is out of control and that he should calm down. Bogue retorts that the two aren't really in a position to say that given that their own runes are moving like crazy.

The senior members of Chaos express their surprise over finding out Mikumo's real identity. Chuck in particular was relieved that the top vocalist's origins were not as far out as what he had imagined, like a jellyfish given human form for instance (based on her hairstyle and penchant for swimming at night). Mikumo overhears the conversation and decides to use Chuck's odd theory as basis for a practical joke, targeting Freyja first upon finding out that she's one of the few people still unaware of the details. 350c69d7ab


그룹에 오신 것을 환영합니다! 멤버들과 소통하거나, 최신 공지사항 확인 및 동영상을 공유할 수 있습니다.

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